Here at Mackleys we are undergoing a few changes. We’ve seen some great things happening in the children’s portraiture market and have wanted to change our style for some time. With some many things on my plate, I never made the changes. Now I feel we’re ready…

We’re teaming up with Alexis Miller, a great photographer, here in Cache Valley. We’ve decided it would be a win-win situation to combined our efforts. She has a great eye and is very skilled in many things. She teaches photography and Photoshop at BATC. In addition has a very successful photography studio. She will be exclusive member of our talented team we have here at Mackleys.

We are excited about future! Very soon we will be starting new children portrait division, called “Limited Edition Portaiture”. These will be childrens themed portraiture. Every month we will have a different theme that will capture the essence and purity of children and babies in breathtaking portraits that touch your heart. Our first Limited Edition theme will be “HATS & BOWS” and “LITTLE FACES” starting in Febuary. Check back soon on all the details! I ‘ll will post them here first as soon as I iron it all out.

Here are some of Alexis’s portraits she took in preparation for some advertizing that will be going out about this new anouncements.
Avia Watterson Image Gallery.
Enjoy -S