Hillyard Family

Hey… here a super great family for ya! The Hillyard family all got in the same city (which was no small feat) to take this fun family portrait. They are one of the nicest families in Utah. They even are a cute daughter-in-law that served in the greatest mission...

Megan Bridals

Last week we took some fun bridal images of Megan Perkes. I swear it was the hottest day of the year. I really was feeling bad for Megan fiance who was in a tux! He’s a stud! I’ll post more of them later! Later -Steve

Montgomery Family

Here are some images we did for the Montgomery family. They are a super great family and drive up here from Salt Lake City. Thanks you guys! Enjoy the Images Gallery.

Rachel And Ben Engagments

Here are some images of my little niece, Rachel, and her fiance, Ben. They are selling security systems in LA… so I went there to do their engagements images. It was a nice get-away from the 100 degree weather here in Utah. Here a look at some of their best...

Derek’s Missionary Images

Well, a great came this last week. I took Derek missionary pictures. His getting ready to submit papers to serve a full time mission. Some thing just come up to fast. A good friend of his, Derek Davis, just got his call to the Philippines Island. The greatest mission...